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Endeavor Multi-Surface Extractor

Tile & Grout Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Restroom Cleaning All in One Powerful Machine

Learn How to Clean Tile & Grout with the Endeavor

Learn How to Clean Carpet with the Endeavor

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Tile & Grout Cleaner, Carpet Extractor, Restroom Cleaner

No matter what the surface type is, or where it is located, it can be easily reached, cleaned and restored by the new Endeavor multi-surface cleaner from EDIC. Finally there is one compact and powerful solution for heated carpet & upholstery extraction, hard surface restoration, and touch-free restroom cleaning.

With a unique upright, ergonomic design for easy transport, durable construction, and user-friendly operating features, the Endeavor is the perfect cleaning tool tailored to fit each unique cleaning process.

Productivity is key in today’s competitive world, the Endeavor provides your facility the ultimate cleaning tool to reach your maintenance goals quickly and effectively.



In-line Heater 2000 Watt No Optional 2000 Watt
Pump Adj., 70-1200 psi Adj., 70-1200 psi Adj., 50-500
Vacuum 8.4″ Diameter Infinity
8.4″ Diameter Infinity
8.4″ Diameter Infinity
Water Lift 147″ 147″ 147″
Airflow 142 CFM 142 CFM 142 CFM
Air Watts 673 673 673
Hard Surface Restoration Yes Yes Maintenance Only
Touch Free Restroom Cleaning Optional Optional Optional
Auto Fill/Dump Yes Yes Optional
Wand/Tool Caddy Yes Yes Yes
5 Gallon Bucket Holder Yes Yes Yes
Handle Casters/Skid Rails Yes Yes Yes
Power Cord Dual, GFCI, PowerConn
Twistlock, 25′ detachable
Dual, GFCI, PowerConn
Twistlock, 25′ detachable
Dual, GFCI, PowerConn
Twistlock, 25′ detachable
Weight 174 lbs. 167 lbs. 130 lbs.
Rear Wheels 12″ Non-Marking 12″ Non-Marking 12″ Non-Marking
Front Casters Dual-Wheel Casters Dual-Wheel Casters Dual-Wheel Casters
Vacuum Hose (Optional) 25′, 1.5″ Diameter 25′, 1.5″ Diameter 25′, 1.5″ Diameter
Power Prime/Pressure Release Yes Yes Yes
Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Yes Yes Yes
Smart Circuit Locator Yes Yes Yes
Capacity 13 Gallons 13 Gallons 13 Gallons
Warranty 5 year 5 year 5 year

pdf-icon 9000i-HSH Operations Manual

pdf-icon 9000i-HS Operations Manual

pdf-icon 9000i-500-AF Operations Manual

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